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Icecast Current Release (2.4.0)

Binary Packages

PlatformDownload Link
Linux/UnixMost distributions provide ready to use binary packages of Icecast. Thomas provides test builds, packaged for various distributions, using his OBS project for Icecast. There are package repositories that can be added to the distro package manager.

Source Packages

PlatformDownload Link

Older releases can be found Here

In addition to icecast, you will most likely need to download a source client for creating the actual stream. We suggest that you download one from our 3rdparty applications page.

Icecast Library / Language Bindings

LibraryDescDownload Link
libshout 2.3.1 Library which can be used to write a source client like ices libshout-2.3.1.tar.gz
shout-pythonPython bindings for libshout 2shout-python-0.2.1.tar.gz
shout-perlPerl bindings for libshout 2Shout-2.1.tar.gz
ruby-shoutRuby bindings for libshout 2https://github.com/niko/ruby-shout http://www.dingoskidneys.com/~jaredj/shout.html
ocaml-shoutOCaml bindings for libshout2http://savonet.sourceforge.net/
shoutpyshoutpy uses Boost.Python to expose libshout 2 to Python, through a separately usable C++ wrapperhttp://dingoskidneys.com/shoutpy/
libshout-javaJava bindings for libshouthttp://benow.ca/index?page=project&project=libshout-java

Icecast Old Releases

All older releases can be found here:
  • Icecast
  • Ices
  • Libshout

  • Linux/Unix distribution packages.

    Most current Linux and Unix distributions provide either prebuilt binary packages or a way to build your own package of Icecast. This is the preferred way to install Icecast, as distribution packaging is tuned to make icecast fit well into your system. In most cases packaging will also provide necessary scripts/files to make icecast start as a service on boot. For details please refer to the package repository section of your distribution's fine manual. People have also written 'installing Icecast' HowTos for many distributions.

    Hints that you might find useful:
    • Debian and its derivatives (e.g. Ubuntu) name the package 'icecast2'.
    • For RHEL and CentOS the icecast package is available from the EPEL repository.