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Icecast is free server software for streaming multimedia.


About Ezstream

Ezstream is a command line source client for media streams, primarily for streaming to Icecast servers.

It allows the creation of media streams based on input from files or standard input that is piped through an optional external de- and encoder. As every part of this chain is highly configurable, ezstream can be useful in a large number of streaming setups.

It uses libshout to communicate with streaming servers and currently supports Ogg, MP3, WebM, and Matroska streams using the HTTP, ICY, and RoarAudio protocols. It uses TagLib to read and manage metadata in numerous media files.

Ezstream is free software and licensed under the GNU General Public License.


Latest version: 1.0.2

Older releases

All releases, including version 0.x, can be found at and

Release Notes

Ezstream 1.0.2 has been released on February 12, 2020.

This is a bugfix release.

Version 1.0

This is a major feature release with a new configuration file structure.

Further changes include:

Further Information


Ezstream depends on:

Ezstream optionally uses:

Building ezstream depends on:


Most current UNIX-like operating system, such as Linux (including Windows Subsystem for Linux) and *BSD, either provide prebuilt binary packages of ezstream, or the necessary tools to build it manually.

To find out whether ezstream is available as a prebuilt package and in which version, please refer to your operating system documentation for more information.

When building manually from source, the preferred way to build ezstream is to rely on prebuilt binary packages for the dependencies as much as possible. This may require the installation of the respective -devel packages, if applicable.

The ezstream source code ships with a file that provides information on all further steps.


Ezstream ships with a comprehensive manual and example configurations. Type man ezstream to get started.

In case of issues that are not answered by the documentation, please report them in the ezstream issue tracker.

Please include as much information as possible in your reports. Most importantly: information how to reproduce the issue independently, what behavior is expected, and what behavior is observed instead.


The current maintainer of ezstream is Moritz Grimm (mgrimm at mrsserver dot net).